STANDARD COURSE (no solutions or blending brush)

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We have developed a comprehensive training program that suits the very beginner through to those experienced spray tanners who wish to refresh their knowledge of spray tanning and the spray tan industry.

Learn the specialised Colour Me Bronze Professional tanning technique that ensures a flawless application every time.

You will also receive:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • 30 minute Skype session with your instructor
  • Access to updated information
  • Digital badges that you can use on your website and marketing material to show that you have been officially trained through the Colour Me Bronze Tanning Academy


Learning Activities
To develop your skills and knowledge as a spray tanner we have included a range of learning activities for you to complete throughout the course. The Quizzes should be completed at the end of each section of the course to ensure that you have understood what you have just learnt.

This will help you develop your knowledge in all aspects of the spray tan industry and in turn provide a better service to your clients.



Included with the training are step by step instructions for our specialised Colour Me Bronze Tanning Technique that you will be able to follow along with and learn.

For an additional fee we can set up a time with you either face-to-face or via Skype to do one-on-one training where you will get extensive hands-on experience at spray tanning a number of people.  You will need to organise 4-5 people to spray tan and we will make sure that you are using the correct techniques, guiding you step-by-step until it becomes second nature.  By the end of the live training session you should feel confident enough to be able to produce a fantastic spray tan.



To pass this course you will need to be examined in a full consultation and spray tan service of a client.

Once you have completed this course you will have 2 weeks to practice your newly learnt skills, and then you will need to submit a video of you giving a consultation to a client followed by a spray tan and aftercare instructions.

Once we are satisfied with your new skillsets we will send you your certification


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