Brand Training


The Colour Me Bronze Brand Training session will take you through everything there is to do with the Colour Me Bronze Professional Brand.

Learn about each of the solutions, our Advanced Colour Matching Technique, and our retail products.  Learn how to mix our solutions correctly to create all the different TANtails you can make.

We want you to get the best results out of our solutions so you can get the best results for your clients, so we have created this online course for you to take.

This course is a FREE COURSE!

You will also receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION once you have finished this course!

Hope you enjoy it!

Subjects covered in our Standard Spray Tanning course:

  • Course Overview
  • Meet Your Trainer
  • Our Spray Tan Solution Range
  • Ingredients in the Colour Me Bronze Professional Solutions
  • How to get the Best Results from our Solutions
  • Colour Me Bronze Professional Selling Points
  • Looking After the Spray Tan Solutions
  • TANtailing/Advanced Colour Matching Technique
  • Our retail products
  • Promoting Colour Me Bronze Professional
  • How to Become a Stockist of Colour Me Bronze Professional
  • Questions


There is also a downloadable document of the presentation that you can download and keep on file for future reference.

To take our Brand Training course please click here.

Colour Me Bronze Professional
Brand Training