About Our Solutions


Colour Me Bronze Professional is an Australian made and owned spray tan solution range developed in 2015.

Formulated as a true ethanol/alcohol free solution and full of skin-nourishing ingredients our solutions will give results without dryness, patchiness or streaking, and with a wear-off that fades beautifully.

Our solutions were vigorously tested by our clients for many months prior to final production so we know we had the perfect solution range once our clients gave the “green light”.  They fell in love with the solutions and the results as I am sure you and your clients will too.

Our solutions run off a colour base system and have been specifically formulated to be used with our “Advanced Colour Matching Technique” to create TANtails.  Like no other tanning solution out in the market you will be able to create any base coloured solution, tone and depth of colour by mixing our solutions together.

  • Mix our red base and our blue base together to create a violet base.
  • Mix our red base and our chocolate base to create a deep earthy toned result.
  • Mix our green base and our red base together to create a brown base with a lower DHA% to our chocolate/brown base solution.


The mixes are endless… your clients are absolutely going to love the colours you will be able to create.

We are bringing creativity back into spray tanning.

Of course our solutions are just as gorgeous on their own without mixing the solutions together, but what a great selling point to have.  Clients will love knowing that they have had a colour specifically custom-blended for them.

Our current stockists favour the Colour Me Bronze Professional spray tan solution range as we have formulated our solutions with light bronzers, we have eliminated alcohol/ethanol from our formulations and we have included natural and organic ingredients.

Our solutions are also:

  • An advanced formulation
  • Paraben free
  • Propylene Glycol free
  • Formaldehyde free
  • True Ethanol free products
  • Long lasting with a natural fade
  • PETA and PETA Vegan certified
  • Deemed as Orangutan Safe by The Orangutan Project as they don’t contain Palm Oil


The solutions dry quickly on the skin even without the addition of alcohol/ethanol, and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft straight after application and even after the first initial shower.  Your clients will definitely notice the difference.  The wear-off is absolutely stunning, fades evenly and doesn’t leave your tan patchy in those last few days.  Once the tan has been applied to the skin the tan will last for approximately 7-10 days.

The solutions are adaptable 2-8 hour solutions which means that they can be used as a 2 hour solution, or, to get even darker results you can leave on for 8 hours (or overnight for convenience sake).  The solutions were designed for flexibility and convenience.  Being a spray tanner for many years before moving into creating a spray tan brand, these factors were very important to me… So I wanted to make sure that these qualities were present in the solutions.

Colour Me Bronze Professional - Colour Me Risque solution
Colour Me Bronze Professional