The iTan Pro has been manufactured to meet the needs of all spray tanners. It offers the power of HVLP spraying, utilising the latest green motors, with the practicality of being able to be wall mounted. It has a built in hose caddy so you can now keep your spray tanning room nice and clean with no messy hoses laying around.

Features of iTan Pro:

  • Light Weight
  • Hose Caddy
  • Latest green motor ( great for environment)
  • Gun Holder
  • Single Speed function (no more speed settings)
  • Detachable feet that can be connected to back as a mounting wall bracket.
  • New Light Weight Flex hosing with quick release fittings.


The iTan Pro lets you make the choices…
With the iTan Pro you are not stuck with the traditional low quality gun supplied with the machine, you can choose the gun you like for the tanning you are doing.  Select the machine with the Deluxe Gun or the M Series Gun.

Length: 30cm
Width: 18cm
Height: 32cm

Purchase Policy:

  • Day 1-Day 14 after purchase:  replace or refund if faulty
  • Day 15-Day 30 after purchase:  replace
  • Day 30-Day 365:  Repair under warranty


1 year warranty included.  Shipping costs not included if machine needs to be looked at or replaced.

Cost of the iTan Pro with Deluxe Gun is $299.95. Postage Additional.


The Equalizer Tanning Gun produces a light mist onto the clients skin and has an adjustable fan to do standard spray tanning a well as contour tanning. You can switch between the two styles easily and as quick as flicking a switch.

Contour tanning lines as small as a thin line… Perfect for advanced contour spray tanning techniques.

Benefits of the Equalizer Tanning Weapon:

  • Control
  • Accuracy
  • Stability
  • Adjustable
  • Adaptable


Cost of the Equalizer Tanning gun is $299.95. Postage Additional.