Tanning Technique


If you feel like you don’t want to learn any more theory, but want to perfect your spray tanning technique this is the course for you.

With our Tanning Technique/Refresher Course we will look at your tanning technique and tweak where necessary. We will also retrain you with the specialised Colour Me Bronze tanning technique which will guarantee you a flawless tan every time.

Choosing a great solution is important for amazing results, but if you don’t have the correct spray tanning technique you will never maximise the results you can get from your spray tan solutions.

In the Colour Me Bronze Spray Tan Technique Course you will learn to use minimal solution with maximum results. You will learn to minimise the time it takes to spray tan a coat of solution on a client so you can maximise your time, fit in more clients and maximise profits.

We will look at your machine and gun and get it set correctly so you can get the results you should be getting from our solutions.

I can guarantee after taking this course and tweaking your spray tanning technique to the Colour Me Bronze way you will see an increase in repeat clients.

Clients always comment about how thorough the spray tan application is, yet it doesn’t take too long.

Clients always comment about how flawless the results are and that people can’t even tell it’s a spray tan… it looks that natural.

Fits our business motto perfectly… “Looks so natural you would never believe it is a spray tan”.

Clients always comment about how natural the hands and feet look and have said that they have never had their hands and feet looking so good/natural from previous spray tans.

Never have to use barrier cream ever again!

If you want to receive testimonials like the ones in this link you really should take this course.

Spray tanning a client should be quick but thorough… If you are taking more than 3 minutes to spray a coat of solution on a client you are taking too long… You shoud be able to master a coat of solution in under 2.5 minutes (under 2 minutes when you master the technique).

The Colour Me Bronze spray tanning technique is by far the best technique available in the spray tanning industry, but you must be willing to throw away the technique you have previously been taught and currently use and relearn our way… After learning our technique you won’t want to do it any other way…

When taking the course you will receive:

  • A certificate of completion
  • 500ml bottle of “Colour Me Risque”
  • Blending brush

The course pays for itself and still makes you a profit from your free bottle of solution…

For example our course costs $299.

A 500ml bottle of solution will get you on average 10-12 spray tans (2 light sprays per client using 50ml in total).

If you are charging $35 per client that is a total income of $350-$420, which gives you a profit of $51-$121 (less $299 for the course cost) from your FREE bottle of solution. If you are charging more than $35 per client you are making even more of a profit!!!

Courses TBA announced soon.

Cost of a refresher spray tan course where we will spend time perfecting your spray tan technique is $299 and is a 3 hour course.

Colour Me Bronze Tanning Academy - Spray Tan Technique
Tanning Technique