Contour/3D/Shadow Tan Training


Advanced Tanning, or contour tanning, is fast becoming popular in the same way Brazilian waxing took over the Bikini. All the fashion magazines rave about the ‘real life airbrushing’ that makes celebrities look up to 5kgs lighter on the red carpet.

Colour Me Bronze is offering a training course to teach you how to do Contour/3D Tanning/Shadow Tanning.

Adding a contour spray tan service to your tanning menu will bring a higher volume of customers into your home studio/salon/mobile service, and if you perfect the art of contour tanning your limits are endless… from spray tanning your regular clients who want to add definition to their body, to the body builder competitor whose muscle definition you will exaggerate for under stage lighting, right up to spray tanning a celebrity for a red carpet event or movie scene.

By completing the Contour/3D/Shadow Tanning Course you will be well on your way to taking your skills to the next level and succeeding with this popular new trend of spray tanning technique.

Everybody wants airbrushed abs…and if you have mastered the skill everybody will want YOU to spray tan them on them!

Contour spray tanning is easy once you have complete control of your airbrush gun.  Once you know exactly how to use your airbrush gun correctly, and can control your movements and flow of solution you can’t go wrong.  Not having control of your gun can lead to undesired or fake looking results.

With the practical side of this course (unlike other contour courses already released), we ocus on how to control your airbrush gun as a priority, giving you exercises to complete and perfect before delving in how to complete a contour spray tan.

Once you have mastered the exercises to perfection everything else will fall easily into place.  The only other thing you really need to know is how to look for the best places on the body to add your contouring to to get the best effect and this will lead to you getting perfect results every time.

Every body is different and no two contouring applications will ever be the same, but if you know how to control your gun and perfect your application you will never go wrong.

Subjects covered in our Standard Spray Tanning course:

  • Introduction
  • Advantages of Contour Spray Tanning
  • Understanding the human body
  • Analysing muscle tone/definition
  • Muscle Groups
  • Why contouring works
  • Difference between contour tanning and shadow tanning
  • Difference between contour tanning with normal spray tan gun and pencil airbrush
  • Difference between contour tanning for female and male clients
  • Getting to know your pencil airbrush gun/machine
  • Cleaning your airbrush
  • Controlling your airbrush
  • Practical exercises
  • Use of lighting to control shadow
  • Understanding the 3D effect
  • Shadow Tanning
  • 3D  Spray Tanning – Contouring the:
    • Back
    • Back of the shoulders and triceps
    • Back of the arms
    • Back of the waist
    • Buttocks
    • Hamstring and back of the calves
    • Side of the waist
    • Side of the arms
    • Side of the buttocks
    • Side of the stomach
    • Side of the legs
    • Serratus anterior
    • Quads
    • Obliques
    • Stomach muscles
    • Biceps
    • Cleavage
    • Front of shoulders
    • Collar bone
    • Jawline/face
  • Reverse contour spray tanning
  • Contouring example images
  • Contouring the face


Cost of the Contour/3D Tanning/Standard Comp Tanning course  – $399

You must have a minimum of 24 months tanning experience or have completed our Standard Tanning course to be eligible for this course.

You will receive a comprehensive training manual as well as 1 litre of solution.

Contour/3D/Shadow Tan Training
Contour Specialist
Contour Spray Tan
Contour Spray Tan